Kari Clive Lints is a 33 year old mother of two who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After losing her mother Linda Belowich Clive in 1997 to the same disease and watching her father Tim Clive undergo surgery for Melanoma in 2011, Kari began her own battle with cancer, enduring a Radical Mastectomy in January 2014. Kari has completed chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is undergoing reconstructive surgery. Since January 2014, Kari has been on leave from her job as a visiting nurse. Due to the treatment issues, she has been unable to return to work. Unfortunately, her disability has run out and she will likely not be able to return to work in any capacity for several months.

Kari is also going through a separation / divorce, which makes things even more difficult. Kari's family and friends have been bringing her appointments (in Saratoga) since December 2013. They have helped Kari and the kids get settled in her Grandfather's house - making it a loving and nurturing home.

Kari and her whole family have been humbled by the generous outpouring of support since she began this journey. And we hope the benefit will be an opportunity to celebrate that love and hope with Kari. It will certainly help her as she moves forward with the difficulties she is encountering and those that lie ahead.

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